Electrification in the Powersports Industry

Electrification in the Powersports Industry

The powersports industry is undergoing rapid transformation due to electrification. In recent years, there have been numerous new and exciting innovations that harness the power of electricity. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly common on the roads, and their presence is also expanding in the off-road segment, with UTVs, ATVs, and dirtbikes all embracing electrification.

One of the newer players in this space is Volcon E-Powersports, a company based in Round Rock, Texas that is focused on electric vehicles. Recently, the company appointed a new CEO, John Kim, with the ambitious goal of setting the standard in the electric era of powersports. Kim recently provided a business update to Volcon's dealers, suppliers, and investors.

One of the major updates is the production launch of the Volcon Stag UTV. Marketed as the fastest production UTV available, the Stag is designed to meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts seeking high performance and practicality. The design of the Stag has been well-received, with the US Army Corps of Engineers being the first to receive a unit for evaluation for military and humanitarian aid purposes.

Kim announced plans to increase production of the Stag in the coming months and aims to achieve large-scale delivery soon. Dealer roadshows for the Stag have already begun in various showrooms in Texas to provide demos and test rides to potential customers.

The Stag boasts 125 electric horsepower, 265 pound-feet of torque, an optional Power Boost feature, and level 2 fast charging. Additionally, Volcon's two-wheeler, the Grunt Evo, continues to be in full production.

Kim's update paints a bright future for the company. Electric mobility, especially in the off-road sector where instant torque and throttle response are crucial, is a belief that Kim strongly holds. The benefits of zero emissions and silent operation are also appreciated by many, particularly as noise complaints related to powersports activities have increased.