Backcountry Discovery Routes Announces Northern California Route

Backcountry Discovery Routes Announces Northern California Route

Get ready to prepare your adventure bike, as Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) has revealed the latest addition to its collection of adventure routes: the Northern California Backcountry Discovery Route.

Designed for dual-sport and adventure riders, this route spans 940 miles of off-road terrain, offering stunning views, challenging sections, and a deep dive into California's history for an unforgettable ride.

The journey kicks off at Minaret Vista in Mammoth Lakes, California, leading riders through the Sierra Nevada Range, featuring forests, meadows, canyon roads, and more.

Explorers will also encounter historic towns and inns dating back to the 1880s, as well as remnants of mining towns and geological landmarks showcasing the state's industrial and natural heritage.

Behind the creation of the CABDR-North are industry leaders well-versed in adventure riding. BMW Motorrad USA, Zero Motorcycles, Edelweiss Bike Travel, and Outback Motortek have all contributed to ensure riders are well-equipped for the journey.

With 13 routes to choose from, BDR offers adventures suitable for all skill levels, proving that the passion for exploration and adventure in the motorcycling community is thriving.

Embarking on two-wheeled adventures not only connects you with nature but also builds confidence and a sense of achievement, pushing you to overcome mental barriers and embrace new challenges.

Embarking on a well-planned adventure route with experienced riders provides a safe and controlled environment to test your skills. Planning a trip to California next year, a BDR adventure is definitely on my must-do list.